Precision cuts!

SMARTcut: Rear view

With its 2 mm capacity and 3100 mm cutting length the RAS SMARTcut combines all characteristics of a high performance, premium shear. The sheet support and sorting system leads the blanks to the backstop and sorts cut pieces to the front or the rear. When material thicknesses change, the blade clearance can be adjusted in seconds. The front and side beveled shear tables, the hardened squaring arm and the deep grip hollows simplify material handling for quick results. This is cutting efficiency at its best.

The SMARTcut comes with two machine models. The highest comfort level is offered by a best value, fast and dynamic CNC-backstop. Easy to operate and for lower budgets is the manual backstop, which can be positioned from the front. Both backstops offer a travel range of up to 750 mm. A foot lever determines, whether the part chute delivers the cut pieces to the front or the rear. This allows the operator to separate trim cuts or small parts from large parts without additional, later on sorting effort.

The innovative RAS SMARTcut uses the modern swing beam principle instead of the traditional guillotine concept. The upper blade penetrates the material above the lower blade and moves away from the lower blade after the cut is made. This results in twist free cutting of even small strips and gives you right-angled and burr-free!

Cut parts sorted to the front
SMARTcut: Front viewFoot lever for parts chute
Sheet support up
Sheet support down
Manual backstop adjustment
SMARTcut: Rear view
Shear table configurations
Blade gap adjustment
Safety system: fence and light beam
Safety system: fence
Stacking carriage
CNC control
Shear table extension
Front stop
Squaring arm
Cut parts sorted to the rear