Flexibility in the 3-meter class!

Multibend-Center RAS 79.31-2

RAS complements the Multibend Center series of automatic folding machines with the model RAS 79.31-2. This machine comes with a working length of 3060 mm and offers a 2 mm mild steel capacity. The tool height is suitable for deep boxes.
Dynamic servo motors, an extremely fast tool changer, scratch-free folding technology and flexible tools emphasize the uniqueness of the Multibend Center for automatic bending.

Folding Center RAS 79.31-2
Total precision main manipulator
Roto Corner Tools in active and inactive position
RAS CellControl
Tool changer
Magic Eye blank scanner
Suction cup Frame and vacuum table
Multibend-Center with 1 Station gantry system
Bending Center RAS 79.31-2: Blank loading side
Bending Cell with folding beam
Cabinet base