World's premiere: RAS ProfileCenter

ProfileCenter shown from folding beam side
ProfileCenter shown from FlexGripper side

Flexible and automatic profile bending

The Profile Center is a bending center for metal components up to 3200 mm in length and 700 mm in width. The capacity of the machine is designed for 2 mm mild steel or 1.5 mm stainless steel materials. The Profile Center uses the folding technology for flexible folding of profiles such as door frames, elevator parts or cable ducts. Precision bending in batch size 1 is no longer a dream, but reality with the Profile Center!

FlexGripper Positioning System

The unique FlexGripper Positioning System moves, rotates and flips the blank automatically during the folding process. Its multi-flexible suction frame grips the part with up to forty suction cups. The vacuum is generated by an on-board vacuum pump. The suction bar can grab the blank from below, from above or from behind and can automatically change its access position during the folding sequence.

Squaring table
FlexGripper blank handling
FlexGripper positioning system
FlexGripper handling
FlexGripper part positioning system
FlexGripper positioning system - detail
FlexGripper suction bar
FlexGripper suction bar - detail

Slim tools

The folding technology is based on the moving folding beam. Its high and slim folding beam tool is exactly designed for the profile bending requests. The tools of the upper and lower clamping beam come with delicate geometries and with huge free space areas. By finite element optimization they are designed for 2 mm mild steel applications.

Clamping tools
Folding beam tools
ProfileCenter: Folding beam


Automatisches Biegen von Profilen durch das RAS ProfileCenter.

Biegen von Profilen
Biegeablauf ProfileCenter
Automatisches Biegen von Profilen
Automatisches Biegen von Profilen

One click programming

All this flexibility will be managed on the programming side. Making the complexity of the bending process manageable, RAS uses the unique and innovative one-click programming software. The operator just pulls a STEP file of the profile by drag-and-drop into the RAS software. With a single mouse click the part is programmed. If the software finds alternative folding strategies, it automatically evaluates the options and proposes the best bending strategy using a five-star ranking system. If the programmer wishes to examine the bending sequence prior to production, he may do so using the 3D simulation.

Designed part
One-click programming key

The RAS Profile Center bridges the gap between highly productive but inflexible rollforming lines and manually operated press brakes, which require a high operator expertise and great skill in the handling of the sheets.