NEW! Stop fingers for tapered profiles

Tapered profile that fit in each other
Adjustable stop fingers for tapered parts
Adjustable stop fingers for tapered folding (front position)
Adjustable stop fingers for tapered folding (rear position)
Material gauged by using one adjustable and one parallel stop finger

If you want to bend tapered profiles that fit in each other, you should have a look at the adjustable stop finger for tapered parts. Parallel bends are created in the center of the machine, where stop fingers position the part parallel to the bend line. For tapered bends the workpiece needs to be moved to the right or left. In these situations one of the adjustable stop fingers at the very left and right are used together with the parallel fingers. Setting range of the adjustable stop fingers +5 mm forward.

Simple and functionally!

Beside the sharp tools, this system offers 110 mm high box tools. The tool segments are locked to the upper beam with a quick-clamp system. The Touch&More control graphically presents a setup instruction to the operator.

TURBObend plus: Sharp tool
TURBObend plus: 'Rear-free' tool
TURBObend plus: 'Front-free' tool


The CrownTool combines folding beam tool and crowning system into one innovative component. With the CrownTool you can set the crowning and achieve perfectly straight bends, even when step bending radii. Exisiting machines can be retrofit with this CrownTool.

Crown adjustment
Tool height adjustable
Perfect radii along the bend line

Touch&More CNC

Touch & More control
Graphic programming

With the powerful Touch&More CNC you can use you finger as a pencil and simply draw the shape, you want to bend on the screen. The CADalyzer automatically creates a program using the part drawing. If the material thickness changes, the folding beam automatically adjusts itself before you start to work.

The CNC backgauge fingers position the blank on the bend line. For large blanks, the backgauge and sheet support system can be extended as J- or U-shape to 3050 mm.

Middle stop fingers
Folding program
TURBObend plus: Rear view
Folding situation with sharp tools
CNC control on swivel arm
CNC control integrated in machine frame
Tool change
Squaring arm
Segmented folding beam tools
Folding situation with 'rear-free' tools
TURBObend plus: Front view
Profile input menu
Graphic: Upper beam tools
Upper beam, folding beam and lower beam tools
Backgauge configurations
Frontstop fingers
Gauging situation
Folding situation with segmented folding beam tools
Automatic material thickness adjustment
Step bending result with CrownTool
CrownTool: Crowning adjustment
CrownTool: with crowning
Step bending result without CrownTool
CrownTool: without crowning
Folding situation with 'front-free' tools