Innovation at its best!

Based on the remarkable XXL-Center technology, RAS introduces a folding innovation for roofing and architectural profiles. With 3200 mm (124 inches) folding length at 1.5 mm mild steel (16-gauge) capacity, the XL-Center offers technical excellence.

By folding the part up and down the new model reduces material handling to a minimum.

With programmable tapered gripper positions for conical parts, the XL-Center defines a new class.

The 300 degrees free space in front of the beams allows for maximum part design flexibility.

The five servo-regulated motors offer unparalleled folding speed. The XL-Center is complete with its automatic 1 click part programming software including a ranking of the calculated bending strategies and a 2D or 3D simulation of the folding sequence.

Grippers: open
Grippers: closed
Grippers: Minimum dimension
Grippers: Gripper position
Grippers: Front stop
Grippers: Stop in grippers
Graphic programming
Graphic : 300 degrees free space
Folding down
Folding up
Graphic: Folding up - down
Tapered parts
Graphic: Folding tapered parts
4 pairs of grippers
Multi-Touch PC-control
2D folding simulation