Intelligent Swaging Machine!

RAS introduces the EasyFormer, the second generation of intelligent swaging machines. They actually "learn" as you swage and flange!
When you're ready to produce the first work piece, just press the "Teach" function. The glass panel touch control automatically memorizes when, and how you set the upper wheel or change the rotation of the wheels. When you insert the next work piece, the system automatically "clones" the entire operation.
The machine operator only has to lead the workpiece, and regulate its speed with the footswitch. The glass panel touch control stores up to ten programs, for use in the future.
The unique UnLock safety function meets the highest safety standards. If at risk, simply pull one of the UnLock levers left or right on the machine frame and the rolls open immediately.

Swaging machines EasyFormer 12.35-2 and 12.65-2
RAS 12.35-2 with insulating stop plate
RAS 12.35-2 with round stop
Stop plate BD
Multi-Function foot switch
Flanging Wheels FL
Special wheels: Double seam
Crimping wheels with stop seam
Application: Urn
Divided stop plate
UnLock: wheels open
UnLock safety lever pulling
Swaging machine EasyFormer 12.35-2
Swaging machine EasyFormer 12.65-2
EasyFormer: Glass panel touch control
EasyFormer: Glass panel touch control detail
EasyFormer: Operating panel
Operation mode: Teaching
Operation mode: Automatic
UnLock safety lever
Lower shaft adjustment