Get to the curve!

The RAS 21.20 flanging machine turns up 90 degree flanges on radius cheeks so that the parts are ready for Pittsburgh or Snaplock joints. Quick, Safe, Cost efficient.

The operation speed is variable between 0 and 9.4 m/min. In addition the machine can be operated with 230V from a standard wall outlet. The large flanging rolls produce uniform and non-wavy results even on small radii.

The optional automatic material guiding system helps create consistent flange heights. The rolls in the top attachment pierce and offset the buttons for the CAM Standing Seam in a single pass. The machine comes with an extended material support area in front and behind the forming station. Accuracy and high quality as usual from RAS.

Control at RAS 21.20
Top attachment for snaplock joints
Flanging machine RAS 21.20
Flanging head
Automatic material guiding system
Unload circular sheet
Control at RAS 21.20
Piercing for snaplock joints
Foot switch for large blanks
Wear resistant table insert
Material thickness adjustment
Bending the leading edge
Flanging head for snaplock joints