Bendex3D.professional (Module: Shop)

Does this sound familiar?

The profile sketch drawn on site are often incomplete and hard to read. There is no information about the material, thickness and colour. You calculate your sales prices with rough standard values?
You want to optimize the workflow and create clear production documents? Then, Bendex3D Professional is the right solution for you!

Bendex3D offers the most advanced method of designing and ordering fabricated metal components and accessories in the construction industry today. This state-of-the-art software allows the customer to quote an entire job, create a detailed list of required materials and place an order before ever leaving the jobsite.

Bendex3D streamlines the quotation process by giving the user access to exact cost of material for the job in real time. The hassle of hand-drawn sketches and waiting for prices back from the manufacturer are a thing of the past. The utilization of this technology also eliminates the slew of human errors that comes with shoddily hand drawing of customized profiles. Once the profiles are drawn including the flange lengths and angles, you simply specify your material and color coating. You will see drawing results immediately in a 2D or 3D interactive model. Then, select the required number of pieces and add the profiles to a shopping cart, where exact cost is generated for the custom parts.