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Straight cutting edges

On a swing beam shear the upper blade penetrates the material above the lower blade

  • Clean and right-angled cuts
  • Long lifetime of the blades
  • Blades: 2 cutting edges on upper blade, 4 cutting edges on lower blade

Flat cut pieces

The low rake angle between the upper and lower blades ensures twist-free blanks.

  • Constant rake angle even with thicker sheets
  • Rigid machine design required, resisting the forces
  • Twist-free cuts starting from 10-15x sheet thickness

Best accessibility

Due to the movable control panel, the operator always has an optimum accessibility, no matter if he stands in front of the shear or at the side.

  • Several program lines are shown at a time
  • Automatic blade clearance adjustment to thickness and hardness
  • Programmable functions: dimension, cut length, return-to-sender, stroke counter, cycle counter ...

Flexible shear table

The shear table is the operator's direct working area. Its design ensures for easy, quick and efficient material handling.

  • Beveled shear tables with ball casters for easy material handling
  • Shear tables and table extensions for good access
  • Movable table extensions support large blanks
  • Extension can be added within seconds
  • Front stop with precision scale
  • Adjustable and self cleaning squaring arm
  • Finger safety protection with good visibility
  • LED cutting line illumination 
  • Deep finger pockets for an optimum material use
  • Hold-down pressure automatically adjusts for slip free cutting

Material sorting while cutting

The sheet support system holds the workpiece horizontally before the cut. This eliminates the material from hanging down and guarantees for perfect dimensions. After the cut is made there are multiple material sorting options.

  • Sheet in horizontal position: accurate cutting dimensions
  • Blanks rolling off in 3 angular positions
  • Low angle for sensitive parts: smooth and gentle delivery
  • Steep angle for normal blanks: fast delivery, quick sequences
  • Trim cuts: sheet support moved back, trim cuts fall into scrap box
  • Separation of good parts and scrap during cutting
  • Removal of full scrap box to the rear, the right or the left
  • Small parts sorting to the front (max 200 x 500 mm)
  • No material sorting required below the shear
  • Programmable return-to-sender for multi-sided trimming
  • Backstop pushes the part back to the operator
  • Saves walking back and forth and increases throughput

Extra long

With an extension of the backstop and sheet support system, the POWERcut can process up to 1500 mm wide blanks.

  • Back stop extension up to 1500 mm
  • Plug-in extension for the sheet support system
  • Additional application range

Inclined cuts

Adjustable squaring arm for cutting parts to an angle.

  • Easy and fast adjustment
  • Repeating precision cutting results