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Job shop utilizes TURBObend plus flexibility

When the Chaiyong Karnchang Ltd. in Thailand wanted to increase its bending capacity and flexibility, the owner found the TURBObend plus on the Internet. After the first machine was installed, the orders from the air conditioning and steel furniture industry jumped up very fast. In the following year, the company already ordered another RAS folding machine. Chaiyong says, "If we were not so enthusiastic about the first machine, we would not have bought a second machine."

Roof and facade profiles

Chris Ong from Sonic Steel (Philippines) says: "The TURBObend plus is a vital backbone to our continued growth. We could not grow without it. We truly appreciate our partnership together and it was really by chance that we got to know your product. Your YouTube Videos are definitely most helpful to advertise your products. Our business here is very technologically backward thus having a German made bending machine gives you an edge!"

Bending wrappers

For bending U-shaped large and especially also small wrappers, a reduced cross-section of the upper beam is required. Such a special version is possible as the products are usually made from thinner materials.

  • Applications: Metal furniture, covers

Production flow:

  • Bending the flat parts on e.g. panel benders
  • Finishing the wrappers on the TURBObend plus

TURBObend plus folds synthetic materials

Using a folding machine makes it easy bending transparent polycarbonates like Macrolon. The folding beam tools roll away with the material without scratching the plastic material surface.