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Ventilation ceilings for commercial kitchens

When the Halton Foodservice GmbH speaks of "male, female, and hybrid" they refer to various folded panels for ventilation ceilings found in commercial kitchens. Though sometimes in the same direction, the opposing bends were the main reason for investing in an UpDownBend bi-directional folding machine from RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH.

Folding metal doors

The company EuroBond Doors Ltd has been bent metal doors on a RAS FLEXIbend. As the door design got more complex and the doors were getting bigger, the Cardiff (UK) based company has added a RAS UpDownBend with 4060 mm bending length. Main applications of the doors are server rooms, pharmaceutical, industrial, food processing and sports centers.

Bending shutter boxes

Aluminum roller shutter boxes with an edge reinforcement and several directional changes are an ideal application for the UpDownBend. For bending the edge reinforcement, narrow and high upper beam tools with a low angle foot are used.

Bending narrow cable ducts

The folding beam of the UpDownBend has no crown. Therefore, it is possible to move the folding beam to 90 degrees and use it as a stop in this position. Using this method also very small parts can be produced, such as narrow cable ducts. If in addition the blanks come with formings and embosses, the machine can handle this situation with special tools.