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Support system guides the duct through the DuctZipper

The support system with its three short and three long arms supports small and medium size air ducts ideally. The support system moves through the machuine connected to the AutoPilot starting from the run-in to the run-out side.

  • The support system becomes a transport unit, if there are several seams on one duct
  • Ducts may return on the support system back to the entry side

AutoPilot ensures seaming quality

The AutoPilot clamps the blanks during the run through the DuctZipper

  • Seam starts on both blanks at the same time
  • Reliable 2-point clamping for every sheet thickness
  • 2 AutoPilot models: Standard and for Sliding seam/S-seam

Improved seaming accuracy

As the U-shaped rail at the run-in side has been extended up to the forming rolls the duct will be guided to the very end. This improves the seaming quality on the DuctZipper in L-shape especially at the outlet side of the duct, which also results in a reduced distortion of the duct cross-section.

Super tight air ducts

The SealJet additionally seals the seam joint during the run.

  • Easy, fast, efficient and clean sealing of the seam joint
  • Sensors starts and stop the injection process
  • No additional operation steps required
  • Recommended sealant: Mez-Bluemastic-Gel
  • A container (25 kg) sufficient for approx. 18,000 meters seaming length
  • Sealant is temperature resistant from -30°C to +160°C
  • Sealant provides corrosion protection (corrosion degree 0).
  • Sealant meets the latest hygiene requirements
  • SealJet can be retrofitted to existing machines