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Flanging machine RAS 21.20

Metal Forming Machine-RAS 21.20

Metal Flanging Machine: Flanging arc segments

The RAS 21.20 metal flanging machine offers a proven technology in the ventilation industry, when arc segments are manufactured for air ducts. The forming rolls turns up 90-degree flanges on radius cheeks so that the parts are ready for Pittsburgh or Snaplock joints. Quick, Safe, Cost efficient.

RAS Flanging Machine Highlights

  • Quick turn-up of flanges on straight, round and curved duct segments
  • Standing seam for joints with Pittsburgh seam
  • Cam standing seam for  joints with snap-lock seam
  • Attachment for cam standing seam cuts and pierces the cams
  • Pre-bending station with adjustable stop
  • Infinite adjustment for sheet thickness from 0.5 to 1.5 mm
  • Spring steel insert in the machine table increases longevity
  • Automatic sheet guiding system for flange heights (8 or 10 mm)
  • Infinite speed for high productivity and safe material handling
  • Configuration for stainless steel air ducts available


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