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Long folding center: XXL-Center RAS 75.04

Pre-used machine. Factory refurbished. Initial built year 2007

  • The previous customer bought a new XXL-Center
  • The used machine will be completely disassembled and refurbished by RAS
  • Machine and tools show slight traces of use
  • Tables move out for easy blank loading by one person
  • Blank are automatically pulled inside and squared
  • Grippers position the part for each bend
  • 300 degree free space in front of the beams for complex part geometries
  • Mechanical machine (no hydraulics)
  • RAS provides a 6 months warranty

     Technical Data: XXL-Center RAS 75.04

  • Bending length max 4240 mm
  • Material thickness 1.5 mm (at 400 N/mm²)

Please contact us:   infoRAS-onlinede