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Software versions

Have you signed a software update agreement?

This allows you to update your Machine and Office Software to the next level.

  • Includes free Machine software updates
  • Includes free Office software updates
  • Machine software and Office software versions must match
  • For updates of additionally purchased Office licenses, the update packages for subsequent licenses are required
  • Online connection to the PC must be available

What do I need to do?
Please contact RAS. After checking the data, we will contact you. We need the following information:

  • Adress
  • Contact person with Email and Phone
  • Machine number


  • New upper beam tools implemented
  • New folding beam tools implemented
  • New bending strategies for profiles implemented
  • Input of negative angles in the dialog is no longer possible
  • New gauging system configurations implemented
  • Calculation blank dimension for different materials implemented (when importing STEP files the inside bend radius will be set to 1x sheet thickness)
  • Field for radius input hidden
  • Scale on the beams is shown in the simulation


  • New upper beam tools implemented
  • Closing of hems improved
  • Swedish and danish language implemented
  • Gauging system with brushed implemented
  • Machine configuration menu extended


  • New upper beam and radius tools implemented
  • T-shape gauging system implemented
  • Minimum sheet thickness set to 0.5 mm
  • No folding beam adjustment within a program. At the beginning of the program the maximum required folding beam position is set.
  • Texte bei Biegen von Umschlägen im manuellen Modus angepasst
  • Texts adapted when bending hems in manual mode
  • Dutch language
  • Office version: Machine configuration menu implemented


  • Editor for customized bending sequence implemented
  • Hemming in the editor with separate two steps: pre-bending - closing the hem
  • Hemming position adapted to tools
  • New step bending interface for radii bending incl. correction tables
  • Speed Optimizer: Opening the upper beam after the folding beam is <90° and the part's center of gravity is inside the machine
  • When creating a part: visible side outside
  • Bending angle shown positive/negative according to the bending direction
  • Configuration "sheet thickness unlimited" implemented (example: bending of plastic material)
  • New upper beam tools implemented
  • Machine models adapted to modified machine design
  • TURBO2plus RAS 62.25-2 implemented
  • Improved part representation in the simulation
  • Adjusted columns in the part selection


  • Standard material thickness set to 0.5 mm
  • Profileditor for the input of part profiles
  • Upper beam tool 40V implemented
  • Folding beam CrownTool implementiert
  • Indication of folding beam adjustment
  • Material tables added (without negative angles)
  • Gauging at obtuse angles
  • Stop finger support while closing hems