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RAS Folding Machines for Industrial Transport Systems and Vehicles

Construction Truck Body Manufacturing

Our client, a subcontractor company located in Wisconsin, USA used the RAS GIGAbend folding machine to produce platforms on the right and left of Caterpillar’s construction truck. They produced 15 platforms every day with all panel type and structural components bent on the GIGAbend.


The RAS GIGAbend is a sturdy and solid folding machine with a design that powerfully resists bending forces. It has an intelligent crowning system and 120 tons of clamping pressure that ensures perfect folded parts on 6mm mild steel or 4mm stainless. 

Bending Sheetmetal Parts for Agricultural Machines

Our client Amazone, requires a folding machine for the bending of large-size and heavy sheetmetal parts for agricultural machinery. The RAS UpDownBend folding machine  can produce parts with positive and negative bends by a single operator as they do not need to be flipped during the bending sequence.

The UpDownBend can fold complex parts and change direction several times without the need to flip the part. The revolutionary and flexible system allows to increase productivity and throughput significantly. 

machine model: UpDownBend

Bending Excavation Buckets

Our customer Kubota uses a folding machine for bending excavation buckets. The GIGAbend folding machine is the ideal solution for bending heavy parts. Kubota has further automated the machine using a robotic loading and material handling system.

This video shows a GIGAbend specially equipped with a gripper system. It is ideal for bending solutions from 0.5 to 6 mm mild steel. 

machine model: GIGAbend

Treadplate Tool Boxes for Pickup Trucks

The RAS Multibend Center bending machine folds aluminum treadplates and creates tool boxes, as they are often used on pickup trucks. Due to the unique 3D bending technology the treadplate material surface will not be scratched during bending.

RAS Multibend Center allows you to bend precision parts, fully automatically, at high speeds, in high quantity, regardless of batch size. It does this with the highest level of flexibility and total reliability. 

machine model: Multibend-Center

Bending Sheetmetal Parts for Agricultural Vehicles with Formed Sections

In parts for agricultural machinery sometimes formed sections are already in the blank. This video shows how the RAS UpDownBend folding machine handles these situations.

When bending large-size and heavy sheetmetal parts for agricultural machinery, the advantages of the UpDown folding technology become obvious. Parts with positive and negative bends can be produced by a single operator as they do not need to be flipped during the bending sequence. 

machine model: UpDownBend
  • Multibend Center: Stauraumboxen Riffelblech
  • Multibend-Center: Riemenschutz
  • UpDownBend: Landmaschinenteil mit Prägung
  • UpDownBend: Abdeckung Landmaschine
  • GIGAbend: Baggerschaufeln