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Metal Folding Machine-TURBO2plus

Easy, fast profitable

With the TURBO2plus, bending of roof and façade profiles, as well as advertising signs or panels has arrived at a next level. The Bendex software automatically programs the parts, evaluates alternative bending strategies, and shows the bending sequence on the monitor in 3D. Expertise translated into software!

TURBO2plus Highlights

  • Versatile bending of cassettes, boxes, panels and profiles
  • Typical applications: roof and wall, ducting, signs, industrial applications
  • Automatic part programming
  • Operation from the folding beam side (smaller parts and profiles)
  • Operation from gauging side (panels)
  • Low costs per part (1-man operation, low investment)
  • Easy operation (short training period)
  • Improved bend results
  • Bending up
  • Tool heights up to 127 mm
  • Automatic recognition of a tool change
  • Automatic recognition of the tool height
  • Air conditioned control cabinet


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