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The Complete Swaging Machine

The user-friendly RAS 11.35 has an upper shaft that is manually driven, but the machine is driven by an electrical motor that has variable speed control. This allows the operator of the machine to set their own pace. The 11.35 swaging machine can handle up to 18-gauge mild steel material and within that range form different gauges of stainless, galvanized, and aluminum.

RAS also sells the 11.15 swaging machine with manual drive that does not come on a stand.

The unique design of RAS machines makes them last for years without requiring any maintenance. RAS proudly stands behind our 1-year parts and labor warranty and our readily available parts are stocked in house.

Highlights of Swaging Machines 11.15 and 11.35

  • 9 pairs of wheels for all common swaging applications included
  • Suitable for the workshop and the construction site
  • Divided stop plate and stops for special applications available
  • RAS 11.15 with manual drive
  • RAS 11.35 with motor drive and variable speed
  • 2 speed ranges for high productivity and sensitive forming
  • Left-right-run for non-circulating seams
  • Power supply via a normal 220V household socket
  • Wheel boxes and wheel key

RAS Swaging Machine Applications

RAS Systems Swaging Machine 11.35 is ideal for several industries including:

  • Mechanical shops
  • HVAC
  • Roofing and architectural shops


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