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Metal Folding Machine-Multibend Center

Welcome to The Future of Panel Bending

If you want to bend precision parts, fully automatically, at high speeds, in high quantity, regardless of batch-size, with the highest levels of flexibility and total repeatability, welcome to the next level of metal fabrication. Folding with the RAS Multibend-Center makes your dreams come true! The RAS Multibend-Center panel bender is available in working lengths of 2160 mm, 2560 mm and 3060 mm.

Multibend-Center Highlights

  • Automatic loading, squaring, bending and unloading
  • Automatic folding sequences, highest level of productivity
  • Automatic tool setup
  • Highest level of precision and repeatability
  • Scratch free bending, no wear of tools
  • One-click part programming
  • Numerous options for blank loading and part unloading


In addition to manual loading and unloading, there are a variety of options for automatic blank loading and unloading and stacking of finished parts.

Depending on the requested degree of automation, the manufacturing conditions and the available budget, multiple handling systems can be added to the Multibend-Center. Automation components can be added on the loading as well as on the unloading side. Due to the modular design of the panel bender, later upgrades are also possible.

Comparison of loading systems

Manual loading MiniFeeder Gantry loader Robot loading
No of material stacks variable 1 1-2 up to 4
Storage connection no no yes yes
Blank flipping manual no yes yes
Kit production possible yes yes yes yes
available for which models all all all 79.22-2 / 79.26-2


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