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Bendex Professional



Does this sound familiar?

The profile sketch drawn on site are often incomplete and hard to read. There is no information about the material, thickness and colour. You calculate your sales prices with rough standard values? You want to optimize the workflow and create clear production documents? Then, Bendex is the right solution for you!

What does Bendex do?

  • Capture of profile with a few mouse clicks – anywhere and at any time
  • Directly on the construction site at a Tablet PC or in the office
  • Send profiles from the construction site directly to the office (save time)
  • Draw profile on the screen or enter dimensions and angles
  • View profiles in 2D or 3D
  • Select the material type and color
  • Select visual side of the part (coated side)
  • Enter profile length and quantity
  • Software automatically calculates the required material quantity
  • Save and manage profiles in individual profile archives
  • Profiles can also be captured without an online connection
  • Send profiles as soon as an Internet connection is available

Open Bendex for your customers

  • Customers or their own external workers can order profiles online (24/7)
  • Customers receive a quote at the push of a button. Anywhere! Anytime!
  • Convenience and speed that no customer wants to miss
  • Your customers perceive you as a powerful, progressive and innovative company
  • Customer loyalty at the best

Notches, holes, conical shapes

  • Notches, holes, conical shapes
  • Bendex shows the additional shapes in 2D / 3D

Order profiles and other items

  • Place profiles in a shopping cart already on site or in the office
  • Calculate profiles with standard calculation values immediately
  • Use your own values and methods for calculation
  • In the shopping cart: Profile geometry with all details (length, width, material, color, number of bends, weight, quantity and price).
  • Put standard articles into the shopping cart (corrugated panels, sandwich panels, gutter hooks, screws etc)


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