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Find the latest news from RAS Systems here. We’ll keep you up to date on RAS machines, our company, and industry news and developments here with engaging and educational articles.

Happy Holidays from RAS Systems

No one could have predicted the year 2020 turned out to be. Due to the pandemic, our lives have drastically changed, but as we move forward there is...

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Safety Tips for Using Metal Folding Machines

Sheet metal folding machines are a valuable addition to any fabrication shop. They reduce the handling stresses and ergonomic strain of press brakes...

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Forming Electrical Enclosures for Telecommunications Industry

RAS bending machines have increased productivity, quality, and design capabilities for this Orchard Park, NY-based manufacturing facility.


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Purchase A Folding Machine Using the End-Of-Year Tax Benefit

Section 179 of the US tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualified equipment from their taxes within the same year....

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What You Need to Know About Folding Machines

Folding machines are used to give a sheet metal product its shape. Folding machines are fast, efficient, and precise. They are used in a range of...

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Advantages of Panel Bending Machines

RAS panel bending machines are fully automated systems that can be utilized in flexible or volume environments. The speed and throughput can match the...

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Should Process Cycle Time Be Considered the Benchmark for Forming?

created by Kevin Davis |

At the start of each forming project, I am asked to provide studies on cycle times. While this provides an objective view of a machine’s capabilities,...

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Remote Training with RAS Systems

RAS Systems is excited to offer remote training services to clients interested in maintaining and enhancing their skills.

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RAS Systems Operations Update — COVID-19

We remain committed to providing you with exceptional service balanced with the safety and consideration of your employees and families.

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Are CNC Folding Machines Better Than Press Brakes and Manual Processes?

In the realm of sheet metal folding, there are two types of manually processed equipment that can help you make this happen: CNC Folding Machines and...

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