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Software versions

Have you signed a software update agreement?

This allows you to update your Machine and Office Software to the next level.

  • Includes free Machine software updates
  • Includes free Office software updates
  • Machine software and Office software versions must match
  • For updates of additionally purchased Office licenses, the update packages for subsequent licenses are required
  • Online connection to the PC must be available

What do I need to do?
Please contact RAS. After checking the data, we will contact you. We need the following information:

  • Adress
  • Contact person with Email and Phone
  • Machine number


  • Step operation improved
  • Bending strategies extended


  • Polish language integrated
  • Modification of the depth of a seam
  • Modification of the width of a seam
  • Step bending
  • New tool shapes implemented
  • Min. length of 600 mm can be entered
  • Different free move limits implemented (MaY)
  • Additional bending strategies
  • Input of a bend radius for individual flanges
  • New interface implemented
  • Additional correction options of a seam
  • Additional correction options for straightening a seam


  • Hole editor added to the input area
  • New upper beam tool set implemented
  • New lower beam tool set implemented
  • New option implemented so that thin and narrow sheets do not sag
  • Positioning system: Suction cup calculation for blanks with holes improved
  • Parts larger than the maximum dimensions of the machine (L=3200 mm, B=700 mm) will not be loaded any more
  • Formings in the part are recognized and illustrated. The axis movements consider the formings
  • Czech language integrated
  • Vertical position of loading table available as parameter
  • Stopper pairs increased from 3 to 4. Each pair can be individually controlled.
  • Parameters for the pressure control of the squaring pushers
  • Automatic adjustment of the bend radius depending on the thickness (1xs)