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RAS Systems to Attend the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas

Jul 16, 2021

Excitement has been building for the International Roofing Expo (IRE) in Las Vegas on August 10-12, 2021. RAS Systems will be attending the in-person event, which will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Held annually, the IRE is the leading event for exhibitions and education for the roofing and exterior construction industries. The expo attracts residential and commercial contractors, remodelers, builders, distributors, architects, engineers, and manufacturers from across the globe. Attendees come together to stay current on trending knowledge and see the largest selection of products and services.

RAS Systems will be showcasing our specialized and optimized machines for metal bending and cutting, as well as offline fabricating software at the expo. RAS machines are ideal for bending roof profiles as they require minimal resources to operate, are energy efficient, and coupled with our custom fabricating software are designed to produce precise products every time with less waste.

Register through RAS to attend IRE 2021 and get a FREE Expo Pass or 10% off a Conference Super Pass.

On Display RAS Metal Bending and Shearing Machines for the Roofing Industry 

XL-Center – Affordable Automated Bending Solution for Roofing and Architectural Profiles

The RAS XL-Center is a remarkable folding machine for roofing and architectural profiles. The machine allows accurate and repeatable flange dimensions for fast bending sequences, high productivity, and low costs per part.

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TURBObend – World’s Most Accurate Folding Machine

For many roofers and metal builders the RAS TURBObend is the most advanced, easy to use, and accurate folding machine in the world. The TURBObend can create incredibly accurate and repeatable parts.

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SMARTcut – Perfect Cutting Results

The RAS SMARTcut combines all characteristics of a high performance, premium shear. The SMARTcut features swing beam cutting for accurate dimensions and straight cuts. The machine also has sheet support and sorting system that reduces staffing needs.

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Interested in learning more about RAS machines for bending roof profiles? Book a virtual demo today!

Founded in 1939, RAS builds metal bending, cutting, and forming equipment, as well as fabrication software, and is known for its high quality, reliability, and accuracies.