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Bending switchgear cabinets

At the Telford factory of Proteus Switchgear, throughput of bent sheet metal components is just as high using a FLEXIbend folding machine as it was when the company was using a fully automated panel bender. Proteus' folding machine does not bend faster, but the change over from one job to another is much faster and more flexible. In addition the FLEXIbend also can bend smaller switchgear components in small to medium batches. Typical runs are from 10 to 20 and occasionally up to 50-off. 

Modern architecture

The Czech company AD-Tech s.r.o. created for company Spiral a.s. the entire facade panels for the New Engineering Building at Sheffield University called "The Diamond" on a RAS FLEXIbend metal folding machine. This fascinating building is a fantastic place for teaching and learning. The engineering classes moved into the building, which houses lecture theatres, seminar rooms, laboratories, a library, social spaces and cafeterias.

Inside wrappers of combi steamers

The RAS FLEXIbend at Convotherm bends radii on inside wrappers of combi steamers using a radius tool. The lower beam tools are segmented and can be set up for the inside wrapper length. A slot in the lower beam tool setup is needed for the down facing flanges.

FLEXIbend improves filter production

DCE Donaldson is a subsidiary of Donaldson Co. Inc. of Minneapolis USA, a leading provider of filtration systems. The DCE Donaldson project team says: "We liked the flexibility in being able to operate the machine from the front for small parts. For large parts panels we move to the rear, where the support table with ball casters makes it much easier for the operator to feed and rotate the part. The transfer of a good proportion of our steel work from Press Brake to Folder has gone more smoothly than expected. We are seeing a reduction in problems associated with assembly due to the accuracy and repeatability we are achieving with our RAS folder".

Cool stuff

RINAC India Ltd., a company with almost a decade of experience in building a cold chain infrastructure for food, pharmacy, milk chilling centers and breweries. Production Manager Sheshashayn mentions: "With a single set of tools we can bend all parts in our production, no matter if the design comes with hems, radii, different angles or different material thicknesses. As folding does not scratch the material surface, we can also bend all types of material including stainless steel or prepainted blanks." With the RAS FLEXIbend, Rinac cut the setup times into half. The FLEXIbend has been a great investment for the company.

Bending closed profiles

The FLEXIbend folding machines impressively demonstrate its flexibility when it comes to closed profiles. Using an upper beam tool with a heel cloed profiles can be created from pre-bent shapes.

Speedy production

The German company Altvater has specialized in roofing and architectural components. Owner Altvater follows a simple rule: "Lastest machine technology allows producing more profitable." Shortly after they have received the FLEXIbend, Altvater received a big order for aluminum parts. The calculation was based on an older long folding machine. The FLEXIbend however, with a single operator bends almost twice as fast. Therefore, they decided bending the parts only in lengths of 3000 mm. Altvater smiles: "We have made a good profit with this order."

Tread Plate Folding

Tread plates are often used in the automotive industry as non-slip loading ramps on
trucks, for tool boxes on pick-ups and for emergency vehicles and fire trucks. Tread is
also common in the machine tool design. In industrial building construction, aluminum and steel tread plates are used for stair step designs. RAS folding systems can fold these often large sized blanks precisely and accurately with little effort.