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Pre-Owned 1999 RAS 61.31 TURBObend Metal Folding Machine

Metal Folding System

1999 model, serial no. 30-1

RAS TURBOBEND Metal Folding System with Varibend 4000 Icon-Based CNC Control


  • 30 Sharp Blade
  • .75” (19 mm) Folding Blade
  • .39” (10 mm) Folding Blade
  • Backgauge and Integrated Sheet Support System .31” -39.4”

Varibend 4000 Icon-Based CNC Control

The operator selects one of the 24 icons (part shapes) out of the icon library. The control asks for the variables (flange dimensions and angles) for this program. Up to 8 variables can be used in one program. All variables can be named.

After the input is finished, the CNC generates the program for this part including angle, backstop dimension and upper beam stroke. The program also calculates the stretch out dimension needed for shearing.

Other programmable data and functions:

  • angle, backstop dimension, downstroke, upstroke, folding beam adjustment, 8 help functions
  • program information: name, number, material, thickness, blank dimension, date, status, parts.
  • 20 pre-programmed operator “prompt” messages
  • parts counter
  • operating parameters, i.e., folding beam speed
  • angle correction – individual and global
  • backstop correction
  • incremental or absolute-dimension programming
  • DOS based disk-management with optional DNC
  • set-up: machine data, machine configuration, system timer, language, inch/mm, screen protector, DNC-license
  • full-service diagnostics including oscilloscope


Download all information as PDF.

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