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The Evolution of Modern Software in Folding Machines

Mar 22, 2023

Metal folding machines have come a long way since their invention in the 18th century. As businesses continue to use sheet metal machinery, they often rely on software to help bend, cut, and fold their products.

With the introduction of upgraded future-forward technology, businesses can now simplify their processes and manage their materials more efficiently. One such technology is RAS Systems’ Bendex Professional, which allows for the easy creation of unique bending profiles for customers, reduces labor costs, and even integrates seamlessly with other machines and software.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of evolving your software and how it can help your business succeed in the long term.

Older Software Options

Despite the increasing integration of graphic control systems and touch screens in metal folding machines, outdated software options remain in use today. Depending on the programs used, some engineers must still create a line-by-line program to create a folding sequence, which can be a time-consuming process.

To design sheet metal parts, most people use systems that require CAD files to be created, which can cause problems if the engineer needs to use a different file type to create the folding sequence. This result in a lengthy process that must be completed by an experienced engineer to ensure the sequence is translated to the new file properly.

Software issues that also arise from various software sources include:

  • Profile sketches drawn on-site are often incomplete or hard to read, or are missing important details like materials, thickness, and color.
  • Sales are calculated through estimated standard values; not standardized, exact values.
  • Businesses must count on experts who understand how to engineer and use programs like AutoCAD; it can take long periods for programs to be designed and tested to find the best way to create a bending sequence.

Overall, it’s clear that despite advances in technology, there has been room for improvement in the software used with metal folding machines.

Creating a Modern Software Solution

RAS Systems has set out to create modern software that will revolutionize the metal folding industry. Bendex Professional has been designed to make programming folding sequences more intuitive and less time-consuming.

Unlike line-by-line programming, Bendex lets engineers design parts, and then creates the folding program automatically, cutting down on the extensive detail needed when creating the program by hand. Additionally, Bendex offers quality functions such as 2D and 3D shape representation and simulation to catch errors before sequences are produced on the factory floor.

The software also manages material usage, typical coatings, and minimum waste functions, ensuring metal isn’t wasted during the folding process. Moreover, it automatically identifies production times for each job to allow for efficient scheduling and job order reference.

With these advanced features, Bendex is poised to make the metal folding process more precise and efficient, helping businesses save time and money while creating quality products.

Evolving Software Forward

To meet the ever-changing demands of our customer base, we have evolved our Bendex software to integrate seamlessly with business processes. Bendex allows you to integrate your website, CAD software, and machines – this allows a person to create a mockup, simulate the bending process, and have it formed all without the need for an engineer.

This innovative process is one of the newest on the market, alleviating the stresses of finding skilled engineers and laborers to complete processes.

Moreover, Bendex has a focus on future-forward integration. Regardless of whether you use a RAS machine or not, Bendex can help your business grow. This software can integrate with your system to connect to your ERP systems and manage material planning while remaining fully encrypted.

With Bendex-integrated machines and software, customers can expand from bending metal to beyond. Our ever-evolving Bendex software is a testament to RAS System’s commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Are you ready to move to intelligent sheet metal bending software in your business? Contact us to learn more about how Bendex Professional can help your business become more efficient.

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