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RAS Machines Streamline Your Manufacturing Process

May 17, 2021


RAS machines are built for precision and power. Our continued push towards innovation and quality in everything we do has made RAS the industry standard in metal fabrication for over 75 years. RAS continues to lead the industry in precision metal fabrication equipment and software.

RAS Machines

RAS machines are designed with the tightest tolerances in mind. They can form repeatable precision parts from medical equipment and server racks to aircon systems, and architectural profiles.

RAS panel bending machines are fast, efficient, and precise. Our machines are the perfect solution for your fabricating project and come in a variety of options and configurations.

RAS cutting machines make efficient use of materials, resulting in less waste, less energy costs, and high-quality products.

RAS forming machines offer mold and seam manipulators that are precise, reliable, and efficient. Our fabricating equipment cuts down on operating costs, produces less waste, and provides clients with optimal results, every time.

RAS Software

RAS sophisticated software can do all the heavy lifting for you on the more technical side of things. Our software is designed and optimized for each machine and allows operators to create 2D and 3D models and images of the parts they want to create. The intelligent design review simulates your bend sequence and proves your part in the office.

The software anticipates and highlights design issues straight from a CAD file before you even have to run your RAS machine. This virtually eliminates programming time which means more time running your machine and less time troubleshooting.

Save Time and Money

You can quit wasting time and money reworking inconsistent parts and remove the hazards and errors of manual bending.

RAS machines are the perfect solution if you’ve got metal that needs bending, cutting, or forming. With our machines, you can streamline your manufacturing process and step into the future of automation.

If you have any questions about RAS machines, please visit our website for more information or request a quote today!

Founded in 1939, RAS builds metal bending, cutting, and forming equipment, as well as fabrication software, and is known for its high quality, reliability, and accuracies.