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Safety Tips for Using Metal Folding Machines

Dec 11, 2020

Sheet metal folding machines are a valuable addition to any fabrication shop. They reduce the handling stresses and ergonomic strain of press brakes while removing key pinch point hazards present on other forming systems. However, these folding machines are still powerful tools, with the capacity for harm if misused.

All users should adhere to the guidelines below to keep operators and equipment safe from harm.

Learning to Operate the Folding Machine

Before using any metal folding machine, utilize the manufacturer for training. Some training is held in-person while other seminars are available remotely. Refer to the machine’s manual regularly for a review of machine operation. Enroll in continued education seminars or advanced programming sessions whenever possible.

Inspect Folding Machine Regularly

Frequent inspections of metal folding machines are essential. Machines should be inspected before their activation and during the start up with any issues being recorded. Maintenance guidance from the manufacturer will indicate preventative care to extend the life of the machine and prevent damage.

Identify Hazards

Metal folding machines have powerful moving parts. It is important to identify all potential hazards and anticipate movements before initiating an action.

Using Automation

To further eliminate risk to operators, RAS offers automation options for bending with little or no human interaction. Our modular folding systems can be integrated to other sheet metal processes up-and downstream, without any risk to operators at all. These automated investments not only reduce risks but can offer significant value to the complete production operation.

Protective Gear

An operator should always wear safety gloves as they protect their hands from getting cut by sheet metal edges. Safety glasses protect the eyes from small particles in the production environment. Safety shoes protect the operator’s toes from shear and crush risks inherent to sheet metal fabrication.

For operator or maintenance training on a RAS machines, contact the service department at

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