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Simplify the Metal Folding Process with the FLEXI2bend Folding Machine

Nov 29, 2022


The process of bending and shaping different types of metal sheets is easier now with the FLEXI2bend folding machine from RAS Systems. Bending and shaping all types of metal materials through one easy-to-use machine is possible with the combination of our innovative design concepts and state-of-the-art software and technology. The FLEXI2bend bending machine can help alleviate many frustrations faced while bending and folding various metals.

The FLEXI2bend metal folding and bending machine was designed by RAS Systems to be the most innovative metal bending machine on the market.

The newly-updated version of the FLEXIbend is now integrated with our Bendex software and can bend almost any metal part with precision. Unique parts are folded with the same precision and repeatability as simple cassettes and panels on this machine – whether you’re working with complex parts or simple profiles, you’ll get quality results every time.

An alternative to the traditional press brake, the FLEXI2bend carefully folds and bends delicate materials and leaves minimal marks. Its segmented tooling can fold up to 11 ga metal and offers universal sliding tooling to set gaps and allow for work on more than just profiles.

These features, as well as the FLEXI2bend’s other innovative features transform the metal bending process, taking a two-man operation or more down to a one-person job, helping your business stay efficient while saving money.

To learn more about this innovative folding machine, watch our new video highlighting its features:

If you’re interested in a FLEXI2bend or are looking for more information on this folding machine, contact us or request a quote today.

Founded in 1939, RAS builds metal bending, cutting, and forming equipment, as well as fabrication software, and is known for its high quality, reliability, and accuracies.