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XLTbend Metal Folding Machine: Excellent!

The XLTbend metal folding machine is the perfect fit for those who want to form complex precision sheet metal parts like cassettes, panels, and boxes profitably even in small batches. The XLTbend is an incredibly flexible UpDown folding machine. The revolutionary one-click programming software, front and rear operating options as well as the hybrid gauging system are outstanding features of the XLT series.

XLTbend Highlights

  • Easy operation: Part rests on gauging system
  • Also thin and flexible blanks can be easily handled
  • Semi automatic part handling. Safe and ergonomic operation
  • Energy-sapping lifting and holding of parts is eliminated
  • A single person can even bend large and heavy components
  • Operation from folding beam side (smaller parts and profiles)
  • Operation from gauging side (large panels)
  • Automatic part programming
  • SnapTools: automatic retraction from side flanges
  • ViN (Virtual Navigator): shows the part loading position
  • Support function: Bending of smaller parts from the gauging side
  • Ideal solution for users with high demands on flexibility
  • Solution for small and medium budgets


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